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provide customers with energy -saving and reliable products
2020-06-05 10:21 NEWS

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As a comprehensive screw air compressor production company, the company with the professional and enthusiasm for screw air compressor, the team continues to improve ideas, deepen product research in the industry, from the enterprise itself, constantly improve the product innovation, the use of advanced automated production equipment, professional assembly line production mode, meticulous craftsman spirit, Strict quality testing and perfect modern management level, always improve product quality, so that each product can stand the test of the market.

The company has a professional R & D team and excellent technical production personnel, in order to challenge the determination of the enterprise's own innovation and technological transformation and the rigorous attitude in the face of product excellence, has innovated 12 core technologies and 6 safety protection. All products are universal, standardized, modular design, the air compressor unit is divided into: power output module, separation filter module, system cooling module and circuit control module. The unit is convenient to maintain, extremely low noise, stylish and generous, efficient and energy-saving, can run continuously for 24 hours, the whole machine has automatic alarm and start and stop, with a series of complete automatic protection functions such as unloading delay shutdown, overload shutdown of the main motor, excessive exhaust temperature shutdown, etc., truly realize unattended; Some models also use the latest cloud iot and cloud intelligent control services, which can allow users to more quickly monitor the stable operation of equipment through mobile phones, computers and other remote devices.

The company does well, bigger and stronger all kinds of products, and has passed the CE product certification of the European Union. At present, the products cover 34 provinces and autonomous regions in China, and are exported to more than 60 countries such as India, Turkey, Australia, South Korea, Myanmar, Russia, Spain, France, etc., and it is a well-known OEM, ODM, OEM, ODM, OEM, ODM, etc. Also for the majority of domestic and foreign customers to provide high-quality energy-saving, reliable products.